The Journey Of Karma (2018) Hindi Full Movie Download

The Journey Of Karma

The Journey Of Karma (2018) Hindi Full Movie Download

‘The Journey Of Karma’ is largely a montage of cleavage shots, bathing scenes and truly cringe-evoking love making sequence with some actually decent urdu poetry thrown in.

Cast & Crew
Director: Jagbir Dahiya
Actor: Poonam Pandey, Shakti Kapoor
Release Date: 26 Oct, 2018

The Journey Of Karma (2018) Hindi Review: ( Full Review Coming Soon )
A poor woman and her mother struggle to arise in life as they’re taken advantage of by men around them till a mysterious intruder comes up with a unconventional proposal.

When Shakti Kapoor and Poonam Pandey play leading roles in an exceedingly motion picture, you’re certain to expect some cheapness. ‘Journey of Karma’ isn’t any totally different with the exception that the sleazy here evokes laughter from the crowds, particularly once Shakti Kapoor activates his romance mode. whereas he plays the sort good person WHO needs to assist destiny (Poonam Pandey) from the sexy advances of her father figure, he conjointly needs to fuck her, once. Why you ask? as a result of he loves her, that is why!

With associate degree unrealistic plot wherever ladies murder and burn bodies with freedom, the tiny mercy is that it all gets over in ninety minutes. With nothing special within the music or the playscript department, the film is essentially a picture of cleavage shots, bathing scenes and actually cringe-evoking love creating sequence with some truly good urdu poetry thrown in. Alas, it’s too late and you walk out of the theatre thinking of whether or not or not, the items you witnessed on screen, was how of destiny catching up with you.


The Journey Of Karma (2018) Hindi Full Movie Download ( Link Coming Soon )

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